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08 July 2008 @ 09:58 am
Do the pilots still have their Gundams or weapons?

No. They are in Orb to live as NORMAL students. That is the whole point of Orb's project... to eliminate the use of weaponry. The war is going on in a different part of the world. If the war reaches Orb, we'll let you know. All potential plots MUST be discussed with the mods.

May I apply for more than one character?

Yes. You actually can. We have no limit to how many characters you want to sign up for. Just as long as you can update all of them and that you pass application.

Are Naturals and Coordinators still enemies?

Yes. They are but that is what Orb is trying to eradicate.

# 4

Can we have pairings?

Yes. Just inform us first. Also, both muns should have mutual understanding that they are a pair.


How old do the characters have to be? Do we have to follow the series?

No. You don't. The character could even be five years old if you like. Just as long as the character is still IN CHARACTER.


Do you allow shounenai/shoujoai pairings?

That depends. We would appreciate it if you inform us first so that we'll be ready for it. Not everyone might appreciate it. This way, there will be an early warning.


Can my character get a job?

Sure. Just add that to your application form to let us know. Make sure that it is a job that your character can do.

No. A student can't be principal.


Do the students stay in Dorms or with parents?

The choice is yours. If you want to have your character stay in Dorms, we have Dorm arrangements too.


Can my character die?

No. Seriously injured maybe but no death. It will be unfair to the next person who wants to pick up that character. Please understand. If it is really necessary, you must inform the mods first and WE decide that.


Are original characters acceptable?

Yes. Original characters are acceptable. But, we need information about the character first. Though new characters are acceptable, we are still wary of Mary Sues or Gary Stus. In canon, there are only two types. The Coordinators and Naturals. If you want to make a new type, we will still need to accept or reject this new type. We cannot accept everyone's new type or else, we'll stray from canon.


What if we have an event in mind? Like concerts and and anything concerning the school.

All EVENTS and PLOTS must be taken to mods for approving.


Is Liana single?

I don't know... you're going to have to ask </a></b></a>eternal_asucaga that. xD ((Hahaha...just kidding.))

Any more questions?