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25 May 2008 @ 12:39 pm
Non GS/GSD Character Registry  

A Non GS/GSD Character is a character that is not listed on any of the Gundam Seed series/shows/movies. To be a Non GS/GSD character, fill out the application below:

Non GS/GSD Characters:
Fuji Syuusuke (seigaku_prodigy)
Alicia Alexandrea Valkyria (pancake_alicia

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zaftgirl on June 7th, 2008 11:42 am (UTC)
Would you like to play Anonymously?

Name of Character: (Princess) Alicia Alexandrea Valkyria

Character Journal: pancake_alicia

Your personal journal: zaftgirl

Description of the Character:
- Age: 14
- Height: 152
- Blood type: A+
- Ethnicity: Scandinavian
- Birthplace: England
- Weight: 48 KG
- Eye color: smoky grey
- Hair color: dark blonde
- Job: Student (Freshmen), highschool student, actress & singer.
- Race: Coordinator
- Hobby: Fencing, archery, singing.
- Religion: Pagan (she worships the Norse Pantheon)

Alicia is a teenager of Scandinavian origin, who is the next in line to the throne of the English empire. Alicia has a deep passion for singing and acting. Her early carreer revolved around tiny plays which she performed in front of her family and servants during dinners which then lead to her capturing the heart of a song writer.

As gentle and sweet Alicia may seem to appear, Alicia's music is the direct opposite of the popular peace singer, Lacus Clyne's music as her songs can be rather aggressive and heavy with haunting vocals accompanying them, stressing the urgency and pain of war as Alicia had lost her two older siblings through the Bloody Valentines incident.

Alicia's height, fame, schizoprenic and bipolar disorder has always placed her as the prime target of bullying and beating in her elementary school years which made her mother pull her out of public school. Due to being exposed to too many violent situations in public school, Alicia can be rather skilled in combat when provoked!

In the later years, Alicia realized that with her two siblings gone, she would be the next in line to the throne of the English Empire. Convinced that she would never be a better queen if she can't even endure the common people, she pleads her mother and father to let her try out for a boarding school in another Kingdom to 'broaden' her knowledge.

Reluctantly, her parents agreed.

Alicia is famous for the playing out the main role of the heroine (who goes by the same name) in the fantasy movie/game Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria and a cameo in Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth and she can currently be spotted in various celebrity gossip magazines which apparently enjoys spreading rumors about her & her acting partner, Rufus.

Alicia is a very sensitive, religious and shy girl by nature who enjoys fencing, cookies, pancakes with ice cream and tea.
Lianaeternal_asucaga on June 9th, 2008 06:52 am (UTC)
ACCEPTED! You can start by reading the entry: "How the rp goes" Thanks.
zaftgirl on June 7th, 2008 11:42 am (UTC)

RP Sample: (Min of Two Paragraphs)

Being stuck 18 hours onboard an airplane wasn't really my idea of fun. Sure, I have the whole aircraft to myself but I was planning to go onboard a NORMAL Economy class aircraft! I've always wanted to experience how its like to travel normally! Trust mother to pull a quick one on me like this!

But I cannot blame her, mother and father are only worried about my safety. I thank Lord that I am allowed to continue my singing and acting career there. My parents spoke to the school about my pending role for the 3rd installment of the movie series I've acted in and they've agreed that I will be allowed to reherse or shoot my scenes during weekends.

...I probably won't be getting a big role though but it doesn't really matter. What matters most is that I will be able to experience proper education.

I'm a nervous wreck but I can't wait!

"Never shall we forget the tragedy that befalls us on that day!" Alicia declared, placing a hand on her chest where her heart was at. "Let us all put our hands together and pray for the souls who have fallen. Let hatred not fill our hearts for pain is merely temporary. If one points a sword at the ones who strike your love ones, then how will we ever bring about peace!?"

Alicia shut her eyes and leaned back against the seat of the private airplane. From her seat by the window, she could clearly see several military escort jets flying around. Her mother insisted that she is to be escorted all the way to the school by her personal bodyguards.....which made Alicia twitch.

Oh well, at least there won't be any escorts when I am IN THE SCHOOL. Not that they are bad people.... Alicia thought to herself.

"Oh Dallas, please shut the radio off. It feels so odd listening to myself." Alicia opened a smokey grey eye to look at her bodyguard.

Dallas chuckled. "Oh come on. You sound so determined!"

Alicia playfully punched Dallas. "Sure, T.M Revolution wannabe."

For as long as Alicia could remember, Dallas was Alicia's most trusted friend and bodyguard. Brown haired and blue eyed, Dallas acted like a big brother towards Alicia.

"I heard that T.M Revolution is going to perform somewhere near this school of yours." Dallas remarked.

"I just SAW him a month ago, Dallas. Hello? Did you slept through my concert?"

Dallas panicked mentally. "I was just RESTING my eyes!"

The princess pouted before Dallas pointed to their window.

"Look! We're arriving real soon!"

Alicia pressed her face and hands to the window childishly. "Oh great!"
zaftgirl on June 7th, 2008 11:45 am (UTC)
(Yeh o_o Alicia walks around in normal clothes. But there aren't ANY pictures of her in them yet -_- If you're curious where she comes from, she comes from the game Valkyrie Profile but that game is like set in Medieval times? So yeh XD! I made her into an actress/singer. )


hotaruzala: pic#75456958hotaruzala on June 15th, 2008 05:24 am (UTC)

Would you like to play Anonymously?

Name of Character: Minami Nanba (From Hana Kimi)

Character Journal: nanpaminami

Your personal journal: HotaruZala

Description of the Character:
- Age: 18
- Height: 6ft 1 inches
- Blood type: A
- Ethnicity: Japanese
- Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
- Weight: 145
- Eye color: Hazel
- Hair color: dark brown, nearly black
- Job: Student (Senior), highschool student, part time model (tasteful work only) and musician.
- Race: Natural
- Hobby: playing guitar, creative writing, photography, modeling, and flirting. (lol)

Miniami Nanba had always been very outgoing and charismatic, even as a young child he found himself constantly surrounded by friends. Being what girls in his class referred to as a "bishonen," proved how obviously attractive he was. He was voted class president numerous times in every grade he has ever been in, not just because of his good looks, but because of his brilliant public speeches and cunning intellect.

Until he was five years old, his mother Io, a very stylish, modern business woman; would dress him up like a girl when she felt like having a daughter to show off. He made sure that before he went into high school, that all of those pictures were either burned or disposed of.

Once he entered Osaka High School, that whole story was put to rest...and if anyone dare manage to find that picture of him as Miss Osaka from his freshman year, he'd make sure to properly "negotiate" with that person so that this picture never surfaces again. He was known, through his polite and gentlemanly behavior towards girls; to be the campus flirt...hence the nickname his mother gave him..."Nanpa."

Since he had missed some classes and forgot to take electives while at Osaka High, Nanba and his mother looked up schools that offered extra classes that would fit his tastes, and lo and behold, with his uncle Uemeda's help through his connections at the school; they managed to find just the school...Gundam Seed High.

Nanba's interests are playing his guitar, writing, photography, basketball, sweets, and any kinds of Italian and Asian cuisine. He's always been taught that to get to the heart of a woman, you must first understand who she is not only on the outside, but inside as well.
Michi: Glassestsubameongaku on June 15th, 2008 06:17 am (UTC)
Third person and first person please?

hotaruzala: pic#75456958hotaruzala on June 15th, 2008 08:26 pm (UTC)
-First Person-

As I drove along the road towards my new school, I couldn't help but not believe mom and uncle Uemeda actually okayed this trip. If I had to bet on their answers, I would have totally thought they'd both have conflicting opinions. That must've been the first time they've ever agreed on anything in their entire lives as siblings.

As I think these things about my crazy family, I can't help but laugh and think to myself: "Well...that will never happen again...after all, uncle Uemeda never really could tolerate any women...which is obviously the reason why he loves men more...he says they don't argue with him as much." I glanced briefly in my rear view mirror as I pulled my black convertible into the school's large parking lot behind the boys dormitory. Once I was in a decent parking spot, I grabbed my luggage out of my car's back seat and trunk, put the top up, locked it, and began my long walk first to the registration building where I was to get my dorm assignments, and then I would be off to the dorms. I casually took off my sun glasses, placed them in my pocket, brushed off my Osaka High uniform jacket, and ran my fingers through my neck length black hair as I paused to check out my surroundings. I nodded and smiled as I thought: "Wow...there sure are a lot of hotties around here." I then saw something that made my eyebrow raise in curiosity as I watched this scene with a slightly puzzled look on my face: "...but why are all the guys walking around outside the boys dorm in their boxer shorts?"

-Third Person-

Minami Nanba had always been known throughout Osaka High as the "campus flirt", but what he didn't tell most people was that he had a passion for more than just the ladies.

He loved taking pictures, creative writing, and playing his vintage slim jim guitar along with his favorite rock bands...along with them on the stereo that is. He was a very good student, but in this, his senior year; he neglected to sign up for any electives and also had to miss a few classes due to his part-time job modeling a new line of jeans and cologne. In short, because he was missing so much school, he would have to take more classes.

Minami was allowed to graduate Osaka High and get his diploma only if he agreed to participate in this new program his uncle Uemeda had enrolled him in...a new program thought up by Uzumi Nara Athha created for Naturals and Coordinators to co-exist peacefully in high school and dorm life.

Being the RA of his own dorm building, he knew what the rules were and how to follow through with them...so he was ready for a whole new responsibility. He and his uncle Uemeda presented this idea to his mother, who whole-heartedly agreed that this would be just the experience her son needed to broaden his horizons.
Lianaeternal_asucaga on June 16th, 2008 10:57 am (UTC)
ACCEPTED! You can start by reading the entry: "How the rp goes" Thanks.