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06 July 2008 @ 08:30 pm

Step #1:

Basic rule for every RP, Please read the rules before applying. It can be found here. FAQS too and they are found here.

Step #2:

Please fill out this application. This is a test to know how well you know the character you applying for.

I made a sample application below if anyone needs it. It is an old application with much editing though. LOLs Your application doesn't have to be that long. Just as long as you bring out the personality of the character, that is all I need.

Step #3:

Wait for your application to be approved.

Step #4:

Once your character is approved, please make your character journal and direct yourself here. Do not forget to join the OOC Journal over here.

Last but not least, go here and leave your contact. For dormers, go here.

Applications will be checked by </a></b></a>eternal_asucaga now. So, good luck, everyone!